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Parcero is a revolutionary blockchain based peer-to-peer delivery platform.

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Why parcero?

Based on Smart Contract

Parcero uses the smart contract to save your time and free you from unnecessary papers and signatures. You don’t need to give away any of your personal information. All-important data is stored in a unique QR code which you will share with the courier to receive items. We’re all about smooth communication and the fastest possible identification process.

Flash Delivery

Parcero allows you to find the vehicle that’s a perfect match for your package and is the closest to you which allows you to start the delivery process in minutes. Peer-to-peer delivery model guarantees efficiency and smooth communication between you and your courier without the third-party intervention.

Anyone Can be a Courier

Parcero allows anyone to be a courier and deliver packages. Hop into your car or grab your bike and make Parcero your new part-time or even full-time job. Work on your own terms, manage your own time and get paid for the work that you do without any pressure to meet an obscure quota.

No Hassle for a Courier Search

You don’t need to worry about finding a courier with the right vehicle. No calls, no negotiations with companies that will burden you with their unreasonable terms, no obscure delivery hours. With Parcero, the flash delivery process starts with only a few clicks on our APP.

Good Price for Any Size

Whether it’s a couch, a lawnmower or keys, we’ve got you covered. No need to worry about extra fees for the size or weight. Whether it’s a small object or a massive one, we will offer you the best price as we use peer-to-peer delivery model which guarantees the best price in the market.

End-to-End Live GPS Tracking and Dynamic ETA Updates

Unlike most delivery services, Parcero allows you to be in control of your parcel and your time. You can track your package on your smartphone and live-adjust the destination where your package needs to be delivered. You don’t need to adjust to our terms, we will gladly adjust to yours.

Cover Your Gas Expenses

If you find yourself driving to another city and have plenty of space in your car, become a courier for a while. Grab someone’s package and cover your gas expenses. Join Parcero for couriers and become a part of a quality delivery platform. Mutual benefit is what we strive for.

Cost Sharing Functionality Between Sender & Receiver

One of PARCERO features will be AI algorithm for courier route optimization. Couriers will be able to track and pick one extra parcel in close proximity to their initial route. This feature will allow to share costs for senders and earn more for drivers.

Business-to-Business Solution

Choose Parcero as your shipping partner and make your online-retail business more efficient and user-friendly. We are client-oriented and will make sure they experience the smoothest delivery possible. A premium-quality delivery is one of the most important things when it comes to achieving client loyalty.


Parcero is as useful, as it’s easy to use. The process is simple and reliable

Sender creates a smart contract and deposits the money to the payment gateway. The contract is shared with the receiver of the parcel and the courier who will deliver the package. Once the courier scans the QR code, the sender’s smart contract is executed and the data is recorded in the blockchain - the parcel is now at the courier.

The courier takes the package to the receiver who scans the QR code from the courier's phone and the smart contract is executed again, followed by new transaction recorded in the blockchain. Now we’re sure the task is complete and the package has reached its destination smoothly. The smart contract sends the command to the payment gateway to release the deposit. The courier receives their payment and the smart contract is closed.

Parcero App

Parcero APP is a user-friendly APP that gives you the access to the most flexible delivery services, whenever you need them, completely on your terms.

Let's say you bought a couch at a big local furniture store. You need it delivered. The store offers a delivery plan that costs about 20€ and force you to fill out a bunch of paper forms. And guess what? They say: “Please stay at home from 1 PM to 7 PM because we don’t know the exact time our courier will be available to come to you.” With Parcero APP, you can easily choose how, when and where do you want your stuff to be delivered at a low cost. The courier will come in 15 minute time frame, you can live-track your package on your screen and know exactly where the courier is and when they’re coming. Besides, you can change the delivery destination with one click if you need to. You control the entire process through the app from the first step to the last.

Market Growth

In Europe the Courier Express Parcel (CEP) market has experienced high growth and change in industry dynamics, particularly with number of deliveries shifting from B2B to C2X and B2C segments, which require fast reaction, flexibility, and same-day deliveries;

We see that CEP industry dynamics will shift in a similar direction and by 2025 peer-2-peer (P2P) deliveries will take 8% of the European market, that is €7.42 BN in value terms. The shift is brought change in customer preferences throughout Europe and by growth in e-commerce, and rise of deliveries in C2X and B2C segments.

Evolution of parcel delivery

Deferred delivery
3 - 5 days

Post deliveries

“I bought a couple of handbags for my trip. I don’t mind waiting a couple of days as long as I get to take them with me to London.”

Next-day delivery
1 - 2 days

E-commerce deliveries

“I found the perfect engagement ring in the shop nearby but it’s on sale in the shop in a town nearby. I need the ring by tomorrow so if there’s no way to get the cheaper one, I’ll buy the one near me.”

Same-day delivery
12 hours

Fast deliveries

“My daughter needs the a boogie board for the pool party. She wants a pink one. I don’t have time to look for it but I need it today.”

Flash delivery
15 minutes - 3 hours

Urgent deliveries

“My wife’s waiting by the door of our apartment without keys and I’m stuck in the office. She needs the keys right away.”

European customers preferences on last mile services, 2017

Survey results summary

In a recent survey, high ranking 194 logistics executives and 129 supply chain executives from retail throughout Europe were asked to list preferences on “What are your customers demanding most from their last mile services?” Around 65% of respondents listed delivery flexibility as no. 1 customer preference, while 61% noted speed of delivery as no. 2 and real-time visibility was listed as no. 3 customer preference by 51% or respondents.

PARCERO responds to changing customer preferences by providing technological support for people and business models which are aspiring to serve the expectations of consumers to deliver with flexibility and speed.



Inviting additional team members

Idea conceptualization

2017 Q4
2018 Q1

Made 100,000 EUR self-investment

Market research

Bussines model developement

Development of website

Whitepaper draft

2018 Q2
2018 Q3

Website launch

Whitepaper published

Hunting for partnerships

Development of mobile APP

Token sale start

Human resources planning

2018 Q4
2019 Q1

Token sale end

Exchanges listing

Mobile APP testing

Platform alpha launch in Vilnius

Business-driven development

2019 Q2
2019 Q3

Developement of Netherlands market entry strategy

Developement continues in all directions


Launch of operations in Amsterdam

2020 Q1

Full integration into delivery service market

APP testing in other Europeans cities

Sale Details

1 ETH = 6200 CER + BONUS

Token Details

Soft Cap:
56 600 000 CER
(~3.000.000 EUR)
Hard Cap:
675 000 000 CER
(~16.000.000 EUR)
Token Symbol:

Token Type:

Total Supply:
900 000 000 Tokens

Sale Price:
1 ETH = 6500 CER

Minimum Contribution:
0.1 ETH

Maximum Contribution:
400 ETH
Technical Specifications:
Ethereum ERC20

Accepted Currency:

Sale Date:

Distribution of Tokens

Public sale - 75%
Team - 5%
Advisors - 5%
Bounty - 5%
Reserve - 10%

Allocation of Funds (Within 2 years)

Platform development - 25%
Marketing & Business development - 40%
Legal & Accounting - 5%
Operating - 15%
Cargo insurance - 5%
Reserve - 10%

All unsold tokens will be moved to reserve | No token creation after ICO

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